Ford Galaxy Deck Installation 2017



Our deck is uniquely built for our Ford Galaxy First Call Vehicle and finished in high quality veneer.
Seats have a double folding action with 60/40 split to allow easy use of one of the rear seats.
With one rear seat in use, the vehicle can accommodate one extra-long stretcher or coffin to the nearside.
Deep aluminium interior side protecting panels have been employed for protection.
Heavy duty front rail and fixed and adjustable coffin stops make securing stretchers and coffins easy.
Simple ‘quick release’ mechanism allow for a fully removable solution to return the vehicle to a standard car
Fully tested and Type Approved, our vehicle enhance’s our reputation for quality and style whilst caring for loved ones.

If the deck is folded back, the driver and four passengers can be accommodated.

Removing the deck completely enables the rear row of two seats to become available so as to accommodate the driver and 6 passengers.